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Tomato soup for my romantic soul

For vegetarians, its the tomato soup !! Be it any soup, the effect is the same. Warm, cozy and soothing.

Am in love with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Have read many and the current is for the Romantic Soul, particularly Indian. The Indian way of upbringing is quite peculiar (or should I say “was”) and the culture and traditions we follow does result in different idea of romance.

You could have situations (some decades back) where  the bride and groom meet directly on the day of their wedding !! It sounds weird however the such couples also have experienced a great bliss. Such cute and heart-warming stories you can find in this series.

It was indeed pleasure reading the stories of love, care and affection. Small gestures of affection and concern, no explicit expression of feelings still being there with each other all the while, providing unconditional support to the partner, the eagerness to see the loved one after a separation.. everything was just so beautiful. Right from the heart.


I really thank to all the contributors who have shared their stories to form this beautiful book. Indeed a lot many things to learn.. To get inspired and to make, not only your own life, but lives of everyone around you.. Full of happiness and love.

A must read book.

Rather a book which should part of your collection so that any time you feel demotivated and are experiencing ups and down, these stories for sure will rekindle the warm feelings.

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