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Tomato soup for my romantic soul

For vegetarians, its the tomato soup !! Be it any soup, the effect is the same. Warm, cozy and soothing. Am in love with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Have read many and the current is for the Romantic Soul, particularly Indian. The Indian way of upbringing is quite peculiar (or should I… Continue reading Tomato soup for my romantic soul


What a day !!!

Today, 1st Sept 2015, I have completed 10 years in my organisation. Quite an eventful journey it has been. From a fresh college past out to a senior consultant in my field, has been a phenomenal growth. I was overwhelmed today as my team gave me such a wonderful surprise. The decorated my workstation, gave me… Continue reading What a day !!!



The most debatable topic.. Or rather topic having many conflicting views.. Public display of affection (PDA) !!! Every one has their own way of expressing their affection and love towards their near ones. Some are very open, and some are so reserved that it's even difficult to make out if any affection exists at all.… Continue reading P.D.A