If I can, I really can

An intense discussion with a friend, Frozen by Madonna in the backdrop, and the result is this - Mirror reflects what it sees What you see, may not always please It's ain't about how you look For behind the innocent face There could be a hidden crook But, Can you hide from yourself Or your… Continue reading If I can, I really can


Identity crisis, ahem, once again

My little one, a kindergarten student, has a lot of time at her disposal (IMO). And sometimes there is a conflict between 'productively' spending time and just 'passing' the time Needless to state these are my views about the 'to-be' state vs. 'as-is' state. (The invisible consultant hat !!) Now one of our (okay mine)… Continue reading Identity crisis, ahem, once again


Lose to find

“So, what kind of profile are you looking for” I asked the stereotype question in one the recent interviews. “Actually, I don’t know” was the reply. Probing further I asked “Given that you are a CA, would you prefer a role in core accounting area or say application of accounting in IT systems? “I really… Continue reading Lose to find