What’s cooking today? Ummm.. Philosophy !!?!

Not particularly being fond of cooking, my entry into kitchen is primarily need based - satisfy the hunger. With foodies around ( and me being one), staying with cooking enthusiasts (my dad) and now this lockdown, my exposure to kitchen has significantly increased. In the past two months, I have up-skilled myself to more than… Continue reading What’s cooking today? Ummm.. Philosophy !!?!

Poetic Corner · Reflections

Accept, Adapt, Ascend

The fast paced life Appears to be standstill Uncertainty around us Anxiety within us Not used to confinement Hence the time now for new alignment Hassled and dismayed For routine has one haywire Think of it, What if now you can Build a routine you aspire? Away from people and informal interaction But closer to… Continue reading Accept, Adapt, Ascend