Your convenience, Someone else’s hardwork

One of those days when I wound my work quite late in the night and didn't wake up at my usual time today. My phone started ringing at about 7.30 in the morning and I didn't even make any attempt to snooze. Awake enough to know its third time phone is ringing, I picked it… Continue reading Your convenience, Someone else’s hardwork

Poetic Corner

Because you…

Because you do Expectations from you are always more Because you see Through mist, you got to find the shore Because you listen The unsaid words, reach you Because you observe Your failures also, teach you Because you feel With others, you can empathise Because you give The satisfaction you get, you can internalise Because… Continue reading Because you…


What’s cooking today? Ummm.. Philosophy !!?!

Not particularly being fond of cooking, my entry into kitchen is primarily need based - satisfy the hunger. With foodies around ( and me being one), staying with cooking enthusiasts (my dad) and now this lockdown, my exposure to kitchen has significantly increased. In the past two months, I have up-skilled myself to more than… Continue reading What’s cooking today? Ummm.. Philosophy !!?!