Book Reviews

When she roars…

Not so much and yet very much, its a Cecelia Ahern creation. ROAR is an inspirational, motivational and soulful account of what it means to be a woman. Collection of about 30 narratives showcasing the known and deepest feelings. What I liked the most was the personification of ideas and thoughts which actually blurred the… Continue reading When she roars…

Poetic Corner

Get. Set. Go

Succumbing to pressure Burning out to stress No one but you and you alone Are responsible for this mess Overwhelming is the feeling Vulnerable is the state Weakest point surfaces When you leave everything to the fate High are your ambitions Vast are your goals One side says Yes, I can do it all Other… Continue reading Get. Set. Go

Poetic Corner

The pinch

You can hide, but can’t escape You can delay, but have to confront Anxiously or calmly Willingly or grudgingly You have to bear the brunt The thoughts keep coming back As the day draws closer How I wish I could fast forward to future When this painful phase is just over The left and right… Continue reading The pinch