Book Reviews

Am I (or was I) the best wife too?

A little bit of background first.. I was having a discussion with my colleague who is getting married in a couple of days. Being an experienced player in this field I was telling her about the shift in priorities. Our conversation made me wonder, which role I am playing now? And that's when I came across… Continue reading Am I (or was I) the best wife too?

Poetic Corner

The man of few words…

Hey you, yes you !!   Time now for you to know, If not words Let your actions show Your Love, care, affection Trust, warmth and passion.   Work and stress needs friends to chill. Health and fitness gets you running on a treadmill.   Life is busy. Life is hectic. Should that drown the… Continue reading The man of few words…



The most debatable topic.. Or rather topic having many conflicting views.. Public display of affection (PDA) !!! Every one has their own way of expressing their affection and love towards their near ones. Some are very open, and some are so reserved that it's even difficult to make out if any affection exists at all.… Continue reading P.D.A