Poetic Corner

This too shall pass

Admist all the negativity and tension created by COVID 19, I am trying to find some solace and some assurance, that yes things will be fine. Of course, each one of us needs to play the part well and together as a whole. Some words of hope for the soul Difficult times are hereWhere breathing… Continue reading This too shall pass

Poetic Corner

Look at the rainbow

Hey little one, look over there Nature has put up its amazing show Up in the sky, flaunting vibrant colours Is the beautiful pattern called as rainbow Wow, Mumma, Its lovely and Its pretty But tell me something Everyday, Everytime Why don't we get to see Sunshine and rain Together make the rainbow The science… Continue reading Look at the rainbow

Book Reviews

When she roars…

Not so much and yet very much, its a Cecelia Ahern creation. ROAR is an inspirational, motivational and soulful account of what it means to be a woman. Collection of about 30 narratives showcasing the known and deepest feelings. What I liked the most was the personification of ideas and thoughts which actually blurred the… Continue reading When she roars…