I hate physics and if asked why I may not have any solid answer. I can pass on the blame to my school teacher for not making the subject interesting, however I think Newton’s famous law clicked in my case. Every force has an equal and opposite reaction. I definitely went into the opposite direction.

Its funny that I always wanted to study more about universe, planets, astronomy but without the physics piece in it. Such crazy ideas don’t work in reality and so I took up accounts and finance for my higher studies. I still remember my dad’s reaction, who is doctorate in physics , when I rebelled against taking science stream for further education.

I studied accounts and just after completing my graduation, I worked as an intern in accounts profile. Those two months were enough for me to realise the balance sheet of my life will never tally if I pursue this field. Now I am working as a consultant, analysing the business requirements and giving recommendations. That’s what I am made for.

For good or worse, the habit of analysing and correlating stays with me 24×7. I guess that’s why I managed to bring Zumba and Physics together. Also, Thanks to my Zumba instructor, Shalini. She does explain us the principles of physics to get our moves and postures right. I am sure she must be the only one who would have guessed what this post would be about.

This how our conversation, well ok, her instructions and my thought process goes like this



The text in the student part is from a famous Bollywood movie song. I would translate it as – The way you move your hips from right to left, the laws of physics seem to be defied.

You can check out the song here – Ladki beautiful kar gayi chull !!.

Keeping aside physics (for a while), joining Zumba is one of the best things that has happened to me. For long I had been searching for some fitness class and then I found Nritya Studio. Its been there for quite sometime however I discovered it only now. As they say better late than never.

Shalini is an awesome and a super energetic person. Nothing tires her !! (Is boost the secret of her energy? ) She is the best. And not only the instructor, my fellow mates are equally awesome. They are so warm and welcoming that they make you feel home. So right from day one, I have never felt I have come to a new place. Love you gals !!

This physics saga of mine I had told Shalini and since then she has stopped using the word Physics, but the logic still pops up as and when needed. I understand the logic yes, and I also happily ignore the word which I don’t want to write again.. or should I say Voldemort (Harry potter fans will understand this)

You can run.. You can hide .. but you cant escape…Physics in Zumba session!!

Image Courtesy :

Cartoon – http://www.toondoo.com/

Einstein – Pixabay


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