Poetic Corner

One thing is clear

You wake up feeling restless Can't sleep feeling distressed You see days pass by Wondering how, where and why Days turn into weeks Weeks to months Months to year And comes a point When you start to fear So you start to introspect If things are wrong How to correct If things are good How… Continue reading One thing is clear

Poetic Corner

Get. Set. Go

Succumbing to pressure Burning out to stress No one but you and you alone Are responsible for this mess Overwhelming is the feeling Vulnerable is the state Weakest point surfaces When you leave everything to the fate High are your ambitions Vast are your goals One side says Yes, I can do it all Other… Continue reading Get. Set. Go

Poetic Corner

Learn from the Lessons

Sometimes evident Sometimes masked Sometimes pursued Sometimes unasked Sometimes harsh Sometimes gentle Sometimes intentional Sometimes incidental Comes in varied Forms, colours, and types Plain, textured or in stripes Everything you do or even you don't You are gaining experience You are learning lessons Not the strongest Nor the fittest Survives the one who is flexible… Continue reading Learn from the Lessons


Lose to find

“So, what kind of profile are you looking for” I asked the stereotype question in one the recent interviews. “Actually, I don’t know” was the reply. Probing further I asked “Given that you are a CA, would you prefer a role in core accounting area or say application of accounting in IT systems? “I really… Continue reading Lose to find