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Learn from the Lessons

Sometimes evident Sometimes masked Sometimes pursued Sometimes unasked Sometimes harsh Sometimes gentle Sometimes intentional Sometimes incidental Comes in varied Forms, colours, and types Plain, textured or in stripes Everything you do or even you don’t You are gaining experience You are learning lessons Not the strongest Nor the fittest Survives the one who is flexible… Continue reading Learn from the Lessons

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The Fast and Furious February

One of those times (and fortunately not amongst the frequent ones) when I realise how much I am relying on technology to keep myself reminded of pretty little things. The habit of starting the day with powerful and positive quotes is continuing as usual. I religiously maintain the list of all these wonderful sayings. Well, it’s not… Continue reading The Fast and Furious February

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What lies in between

Between birth and death There is life Between living and life Is purpose Between wondering and knowing There is realisation Between desire and accomplishment There is determination Between knowing and reaching There is action Between hurdles and path There is strategy Between giving up and achieving Is perseverance Between setback and every new attempt Is… Continue reading What lies in between

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I will continue for the rest of the months too..

If you are wondering what’s the title all about, you need to check out one of my earlier blogs. It was back then I had optimistically thought that it’s gonna be a monthly affair. Well, it still is. Just that I missed summarising it for the month for Dec. And given that I missed it… Continue reading I will continue for the rest of the months too..

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