When the experienced one speaks…


Hello Team,

Last year on this day, you all gave me a pleasant surprise and probably a larger than life experience by celebrating my 10th work anniversary. Even now the memories are fresh in my mind, as if it happened just yesterday. It was one of those times which makes you realise building relationships and having caring people in your life is a blessing !

Your gesture, back then, had emotionally touched me and on the very same day I had written a post describing my feelings. A year down, feelings are the same but a different type of post this time.

It’s said that people come into your life for a reason. Some give you happiness, while some teach you lessons. Some pass on knowledge, while some give you lots of memories to cherish. I have experienced all of these with you.

A big THANK YOU first for giving me all the respect, love, affection and attention.

I have had the opportunity to not only work with, but also get to know so many fantastic people like you. I have experienced how it is to work with a bunch of intellectual people each having their own style of thinking, to handle critical situations, to motivate, to give unpleasant feedback and most importantly I also realised that there is life beyond office.

This time I am going to share some gyan, mostly around professional and personal growth. 

  1. Your only competition is YOU.

Am sure all of you have heard the Nike song Da Da Ding. It says ‘My only competition is myself’. In fact businesses also consider to hire former sportsmen because they are goal oriented, never give up and work as team. Why only athletes and sportsmen, this should true for anybody working in any field, isn’t it? Nobody knows you best as you yourself do. You know your strengths and also weaknesses. 

So have your own performance as benchmark for comparison. And never compare yourself to mediocre and non-performing people.

  1. Let your work speak for you and that’s the best way to keep your critics’ mouth shut. And probably a means to remove biases, if any, against you.
  1. Sometimes there could be a thin line of difference between being confident and complacent. Be careful not to cross the line.
  1. Have big, yet realistic goals for professional as well as personal life. Two quotes of Swami Vivekanada will always keep you on your toes
  • Fill the brain with high thoughts, highest ideals place them day and night before you and out of that  will come great work.
  • Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.
  1. Aspire to be perfect.

When I started my career here in IRIS, this was one of earliest advice given to me by my senior and I still try to follow it. Whatever output you create, see to it that it is of the best quality and is ready-to-be packaged mode.

Perfection is not an end, rather a journey.  Its an evolving process. So if you see lesser number of edits, corrections and iterations are required in whatever you have developed, it shows you are on the right track.

6. Integrity is one important quality that influences others outlook towards you.

Doing the right thing when nobody is watching you and creating something of high quality even after knowing nobody is going to review it, is important. Remember freedom come with greater responsibility as well as accountability.

7. Be in the company of people who you look upto and who are more knowledgeable than you. This will also ensure you never stop learning.

8. Constructive feedback hurts in short-term but is beneficial in long-term

Nobody likes to hear unpleasant feedback nor people like to give this feedback if they want to maintain their popularity. There is one traditional Indian proverb which says its better to be surrounded by critics as they bring out the best in you.

I know I would have given you some good and some not-so-good feedback from time to time. The intention has always been to help you improve. Nothing personal in there.

9. Recognition has many forms

While verbal and explicit acknowledgment is liked by all, remember there are many other ways of acknowledging the hard work that you put in. The biggest one being given more work and more responsibility. Its only when you are perceived to have ability and capacity to do more and take up challenges, the responsibility and work is passed on.

10. Be a team player

If anyways, we all are working towards a common goal, why not to work in sync? Differences in working style, level of understanding, experience, personal preferences etc. are given. If possible to resolve, nothing like it. However, when not in our control, those need to be kept aside at times.

Remember united we stand and that two and two can be five !!

11. Most importantly, maintain a work-life balance and a good work culture. So that all of us can look forward to going to office at the same time there are some other activities to keep mind fresh and active.


I wanted to stop at 11, and I found it really difficult. Giving advice is so easy, isn’t it? Most of what I have said, perhaps all of you know and must be following already. Consider this as a gentle reminder. And also note, I am not claiming I have been able to do these all. With more efforts and experience, I will also pull it off successfully. 

Why I wrote this now? Because I have grown a year wiser !! And my wisdom says there are certain things which we need to keep reminding ourselves, until it becomes the habit.

Another year passed,

So will many more

We might be together

Or treading different paths

No matter where we are

No matter what we pursue

Always remember,

I will be always there

To listen, to guide

And to wish the very best for you.

Once again I thank each one of you.




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