Test your endurance

For those think Zumba is only about fitness, let me tell you it’s just not about that. You also get other lessons of life (including physics) as well . Of course, depends on the teacher. Ours is too good. Aren’t you, Shalini?

Fitness, no doubt, is the main goal for which we all in the Zumba class. Hence, in our class, some of the typical instructions which we get from our Shalini are –

“Hold on to the squats”

” Strong arms”

” Feel the stretch on your shoulders”

” Go low” and so on.

And most of us, after a few songs are indeed low, but on energy !!

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-30 at 11.58.33 AM

(Courtesy – Shared on watsapp by none other than Zumba student 😉 )

That’s how most of us feel.

Okay, now lets keep the fun part aside.

In one of the recent classes, we were saying something similar after doing (and also giving up on) squats. Shalini then said “Endurance, my dears”.


That simply said word had a deep impact on me.

“No pains. No gains” .

And why fitness, one requires endurance in any task or any challenge taken up. The attitude to never give up is applicable to all walks of life.

The achievers, I think, have one thing in common for sure – Endurance.

While I was pondering over this heavy word, I could recollect stories and experiences of so many people who have made the odds turn in their favor. It was their perseverance that helped to achieve their goals.

Coming back to Zumba, rather to Shalini.

“A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.”

Whoever has said this, is so true, especially for Shalini and also some of the other teachers who have influenced my life. Teachers, you will find everywhere and not only in schools and classes. Parents, buddies, colleagues, bosses and even strangers could be teachers in disguise. I have them all. Further, once you are a parent, you will also realize that your kids also teach you a lot. There’s so much I have learnt from my daughter.

Thanks a ton, Shalini.

And after reading this post I guess you are going to conscious about the words as well. Please be what you are cause your natural self is more inspiring and motivating, than the conscious one. And that’s what makes me write as well. If you get conscious, so would I. Teacher-student effect 🙂

On this Teacher’s Day, I would like to once again Thank all my teachers for making me what I am today.

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