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When your achievements make me feel proud

Another day, another event With full of gratitude and A feeling of being deeply content Moments that make you proud Take you high up in the cloud There are people who matter Achievements of theirs you’d Keep it for a platter* Its nothing else but a blessing When you are fondly remembered To tell about… Continue reading When your achievements make me feel proud

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When the experienced one speaks…

  Hello Team, Last year on this day, you all gave me a pleasant surprise and probably a larger than life experience by celebrating my 10th work anniversary. Even now the memories are fresh in my mind, as if it happened just yesterday. It was one of those times which makes you realise building relationships… Continue reading When the experienced one speaks…

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The 5 questions I am going to ask myself everyday

While having a discussion about growth and aspirations in life, I got a feedback that I am not an ambitious person. Though this was an objective feedback, still it came as a blow to me. It disturbed me and as usual I disturbed my 2 A M buddy to help me out with this. A… Continue reading The 5 questions I am going to ask myself everyday

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