the DATE connection

While the birthday boys often compliment me for my sharp memory, I actually don’t remember when and how we became friends. But then who cares and how does it matter. We are friends. Period.

The birthday boys.; okay I am referring them like that because its their birthday today i.e. 23rd August. Somehow I always have been fascinated by this date. I am yet to figure out the reason. So the moment I hear anyone having their birthday today or any special occasion, it gives me immense pleasure.

And with these birthday boys it was double happiness since its the besties sharing their birthdays. I find this so thrilling. Imagine you and your best friend being born on the same day!! It’s like the perfect plan set by the God himself (or herself).

These birthday boys happen to be my best friend’s best friends. Sounds so nice (and confusing). I haven’t met them till date, and don’t know if I will in the future. All I know is that every year without fail I am going to VISH them. (That’s a pun which only my best friend will understand if he reading this).

Occasional mails and chats with all three of them is the only communication we have. Needless to say its me who initiates the dialogue.

While there have been a couple of more entries in the 23rd August list and I wish them too, but the connect which I have with these birthday boys is different. I actually don’t know how to put it in words. It’s probably a feeling mix of admiration, respect, happiness, satisfaction and also gratitude.

Why gratitude? Because these guys have entertained this fascination all this while. To be honest, had I been in their place, I would have felt all this is silly. These guys have been sweet enough not to say that even if they also feel the same.

As always, the power of (and time for) expression, rests only with me.

Friendship also comes in various forms and sizes and each having its own unique place in life. On one side I am not even aware of the likes, dislikes, lifestyle and nature of my friends. That’s not how friends usually are and on the other end, my best friend is practically a “one-word” person. I feel a great sense of achievement when I am able to make him speak more than a word. We are like the Penguin and the Polar Bear.

But I guess, this itself is the binding factor. Unknowns and differences can also result in great connect. Our friendship is probably a testimonial of that.

Guys, its really a wonderful feeling to be your friend. That’s all I can say to sum up.


Never seen sunset seen together

No coffee No beer

Neither different shades of weather

I don’t think

Our paths crossed coincidentally

As being friends was in our destiny


From being miles apart

To just a call away

Friendship doesn’t mean

Being in touch everyday


All it takes is the pure intent

and a heart that’s happy and warm

Surprises, unknowns and silence

will play its part

to keep up the charm.

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