Children can be cruel..

Before making any assumptions about the content of this blog.. what I mean is children can be cruel unknowingly.. without realizing the adverse impact of their action on others.

When I was in school, this classmate of mine.. was a bit different from rest of us.. And due to this most of us (of course includes me) used to make fun of him.. For us it was fun.. just pulling legs.. and it never occurred to our minds then.. how this classmate would have felt.. He would have felt bad.. even hurt.. but that didn’t stop us from teasing him.. This continued till we were in 10th grade and then we parted ways.. took up different streams for further studies.

Now I am connected to him on FB.. and every time I happen to see any update from him, the whole childhood memory flashes back and I feel guilty. That time for the sake of our fun, we have hurt him immensely. Often I think I should apologize to him but FB is not a good option.. For me it might be.. but when I think for him.. it means reminding the unpleasant memories and so I haven’t apologized till date.

This makes me realize how important and also difficult.. parenting is.. because kids don’t realize they are doing something which is creating negative impact on others.. parents need to interfere and make kids understand.. Tough task indeed.. but has to be done.. and on time 🙂

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