Art of giving

I like gifts n I guess.. most of us do… More than what the gift is, the feelings behind giving the gift, the efforts and the attitude while making/buying the gift and while giving.. matters !! Thus a flower or a chocolate or a book or a car or a diamond (just to name a few) could give the same extent of happiness and statisfaction.. Isn’t it?

And here begins the confusion…
1. It is said that one shoud not have any expectations… here I don’t mean receiving gift in return but the reactions of the receiver.
2. Also I have also been told that once you give, you should be no longer attached to your gift.. and so whatever the person does to your gift, you should not be bothered…

But does that actually happen… Frankly speaking.. doesnt happen with me … I feel bad if the gift is just not valued/ not used or even if negative comments are given for gifts.. Also when I dont see any happy expressions on the persons face.. I feel bad… Is this right???? Wrong???? or depends on the situation??? (Afterall right and wrong are contextual)

I remember a very good story from Indian mythology about giving.. Its about Nachiket and his father…

Nachiket’s father was a wealthy man and had once organised a function at their home and invited many brahmins (priests) for the occassion. As per traditions, dakshina (kind of return gift) is to be given to the brahmins invited (dont know whether it is true for other invitees as well) and so Nachiket’s father gives away old and weak cows which are of no longer use to him… This surprises Nachiket and he starts questioning his father.. why is he giving away things which are useless… And his father gets irritated.. And the story continues ahead..

The point to be noted here… “THE ATTITUDE BEHIND GIVING MATTERS”… Nachiket, inspite of being a small boy.. understood the real concept of GIVING!!!!

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