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As they see it !!

"Mammaaaaaaaaaaaa" I hear a panicked voice but that doesn't alarm me. Rather I start wondering what's new (drama) today. Its morning, time to get up and get ready for school. Drama, arguments, cajoling etc. is a morning routine. Coolly, I continued to assemble her (my 6 year old daughter) school items. She came running to… Continue reading As they see it !!

Book Reviews

If only I could write a review..for this book

One of those books where it hardly took 3-4 pages to get hooked on to. The reason for the quick connect was the book of a parent and by a parent (which I learnt later). The bond between the father and his daughter and presenting the story from a father's viewpoint appealed to me a lot.… Continue reading If only I could write a review..for this book