Getting started

Finally I am here.. Staring my blog !! Not a first attempt though. During the pre widely-used-social-media days, I used to write a lot. Be it letters to friends or relatives, diaries etc. And now with so many options available to share, not only with people you know, but the whole word.. I lost that spark.. When I had attempted my first blog, I dint make it public.. Was confined to myself.. Somehow the confidence to write.. To express myself..was missing. The ease of use of instant messengers made me lazy. Nobody and nothing else to be blamed but ME !!

The two recent books I read (Tuesdays with Morrie and One hundred names) and the articles which I read now then, motivated me to once again pursue what I like.. What I enjoy.. And that’s writing.. Compared to verbal communication, I think, I was always better at written communication.. May be because writing can be done anonymously and more importantly the body language and facial expressions cannot be seen 🙂

While in millions of blogs floating, this could be just a new on the block.. But for me.. This is a hope that I regain my love and confidence for writing.. Be more expressive and social..

So good luck.. SAP 🙂

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