Poetic Corner

Story lies in the eyes of beholder !!

This thought had been lingering in my mind while I was reading about a character from Indian Mythology. I have read quite a bit, quite some variations of the same event or the same character, portrayed by different authors.

So the question (to which I know the answer for myself), can any story revolving around people be ever objective or its the narrators brain child and their interpretation?

In a story entailing people
Common and Special
Ordinary and extraordinary
Events that happened
Situations they faced
What they thought
How they behaved
Can it be really neutral
Or in the words of the narrator
the story gets engraved?

The noble, the wicked
The tormenter, the victim
The opportunist, the selfless
The enemy, the friend
The loyal, the traitor
The tag of the character
Will it remain same
No matter who sees it?
No matter what the context is?
Or its always subjective
Influenced by the narrator’s perspective

Folklore from generations
Anecdotes from ancestors
Events from the past
Get narrated again and again
For the memories to forever last

Who is good?
Who is bad?
What is right?
What is wrong?

The dark side of good
The bright side of bad
In the hands of
narrators to manipulate
Its their beliefs and views
Which they beautifully articulate

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