Poetic Corner

This too shall pass

Admist all the negativity and tension created by COVID 19, I am trying to find some solace and some assurance, that yes things will be fine. Of course, each one of us needs to play the part well and together as a whole.

Some words of hope for the soul

Difficult times are here
Where breathing itself a task
Filtered through the mask
Anxious is the wait
Slow seems the hourglass
Worry not and take care
Fresh air and good times
Shall be there soon
For this too shall pass

Rich or poor
Male or female
Religion or Race
Nothing matters
Nature does not discriminate
Calamities know no class
All are humans, all are same
Show humanity
For this too shall pass

Days get gloomy
Nights are weary
Mind is in stress
Mood is in mess
Situation seems impasse
Hold on to your faith
Show resilience
Better times around the corner
For this too shall pass

Some are locked
But in the comfort of their homes
Some have no choice
But to be out there in danger zones
Keeping everyone safe
By choice or otherwise
Challenges we need to surpass
Times are tough
You need to be tougher
For this too shall pass

Take precautions
Follow instructions
For your own wellbeing
And for everyone around
One careless step
Can jeopardize the mass
Be disciplined
Show prudence
For this too shall pass

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