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lets see the sea !!

A picture is worth thousand words And these thousand words perhaps reflect the thoughts of beholder. So what do I see when I look at the sea  

Poetic Corner

3 sides of a coin

Of the three, two friends are discussing what is knowledge, what is knowing and what is absolute and what is relative. The third friend, a silent spectator, not sure of her own perspective said What do I contribute to the discussion For only the wise know the difference between what's real and what's illusion Rather… Continue reading 3 sides of a coin

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What lies in between

Between birth and death There is life Between living and life Is purpose Between wondering and knowing There is realisation Between desire and accomplishment There is determination Between knowing and reaching There is action Between hurdles and path There is strategy Between giving up and achieving Is perseverance Between setback and every new attempt Is… Continue reading What lies in between