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Through whose lens are you seeing today?

The sheer breadth and depth of the Indian Mythological Epic, the Mahabharata, and the numerous characters, no matter how big or small their part has been, creates the potential to tell the show so many different perspectives of what is the same events.

The epic itself is so interesting and dynamic, and when gets fused with the creative thinking of authors like Kavita Kane, the reading experience is amplified. I like her choice of characters. She picks up those who are don’t share the limelight at the lead characters, but at the same time are instrumental in defining the course of action.

Two of her books, or should I say two of her characters I finished reading – Karna’s Wife, and the Fisher Queen’s Dynasty.


Interesting and insightful reads

Two extraordinary powerful women and profound was the impact of their bold actions and calculative decisions

Fisher Queen’s Dynasty is about Queen Satyavati, the great-grandmother of the Kauravas and Pandavas. Her ambitions and the desire for power, position and security, which I had known in bits and pieces, was nicely connected and portrayed in this book. If it wasn’t her and her condition to have her children be crowned as King, the Mahabharata wouldn’t have happened?? I wonder

When I picked up Karan’s wife, I thought it would be about Vrushali, but turned out to be someone about whom I had never heard of before, Uruvi. I always (guess many would) had a soft-corner and empathy for Karna, the worthy and brilliant warrior who was deprived of his rights just because of his social status.  I did lot of googling to find more about Uruvi, and she being a fictional character, is the most common conclusion. I still haven’t concluded anything for myself.

I am no expert here. My knowledge is limited to reading interpretations by various authors, and growing up seeing B.R. Chopra.s, Mahabharat (the serial which glued us for an hour on Sunday in front of screens, in whoever’s house T.V. existed, yeah it was way back then)

So Uruvi who been painted as determined and with a healing touch, was a friend and a moral yard stick for Karna OR Satyavati, who goes to any length to get her lineage on the throne, both of them are strong personalities.

Overall, both are good reads. Worth a shot for those having interested in Indian Mythology and enjoy seeing not one or two, but many sides of the same coin.


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