On the occasion of Father’s Day..

I think I am amongst the most privileged women who have the comfort of staying with their parents even post marriage. And I do feel guilty because most often I am the cause of arguments between my parents.. And now my daughter too.

My dad always has been protective and possessive aabout me.. Even now, he prefers to do as much things as possible for me.. Give me all the comfort.. Like my friend says.. Ur umbicial cord is still not cut.. While I think, I shouldn’t trouble him much.. And so try to do things on my own.. Or ask my husband, he feels hurt.. It took a lot of time for me to realise this.. As he is never expresses his feelings..

Whenever I look at my dad.. How his life has been.. Where he has reached now.. His hard work, his sacrifice etc.. I feel proud.. Because of him my life has been so safe and smooth.. Even today, I just had a fantastic meal prepared by him. I am probably an average cook.. And capable of screwing up simplest receipes.. On contrary my dad.. Adds taste even to simplest of food.. May be that’s his love.. His magic..

As I am writing all this, I am so overwhelmed.. And so full of past memories.. Unable to decide what all do I put down.There’s only one thing which I regret.. And I don’t know what can I do to change the same.. We belong to very traditional background.. Where there isn’t much expression of feelings.. I haven’t even wished him today.. I always wish I could casually hug him or give a peck on his cheeks.. But all that is just in imagination.. I see that he doing my daughter coz she is still a baby.. Once she grows up.. I know that too will stop.. The ease of communication in relationship and free expression.. I always long for..

I love you dad.. Even if I would have argued with you.. Hurt you my words.. My actions.. I respect you a lot and have huge gratitude for whatever you do..

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