Keep your ego under check…

For quite some time have been thinking to write regarding one of the greatest epics of ancient india.. Mahabharata.. The epic written by Great sage.. Vyasa.. Has every possible emotion under the sun.. Different characters.. And some where it ties perfectly to reality.. There are many stories and anecdotes worth quoting and so are the characters.. For now.. Will start with one of the story I heard recently..

Karan and Arjun.. Are step brothers, but oblivious of this information. There is always competition between them to prove who is the best. So during the war, while these guys are fighting, Arjun hits an arrow and Karan’s chariot is pushed say some 12 feet back. As a response, when Karan releases his arrow, Arjun’s chariot gets pushed by only 2 feet. So this guy Arjun is all happy and proud.. He tells lord Krishna, (who is his charioteer).. See how great I am..

Krishna asks him, to jump off the chariot, and he himself decends down. The moment Krishna releases the chariot, the chariot blows away. Krishna then tells Arjun, it’s not your skill that held the chariot at place, but was my presence.

Keeping aside my soft corner for Karan, I simply love this story. How many times, we feel proud of something we have done, very well knowing the fact that somebody else also deserves the credit. The ego goes so much to head, that this realization is not there. And so god needs to intervene.. To show you the truth..

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