Will miss these days

Till a few days back when I was asked how old is your daughter, the reply was in months, and now it’s a year already. At times it seems like ages, that I have known you, I have been with you and at times I feel it was yesterday when you came into this world. Your tiny hands, little feet.. The small baby of mine.. Is now a toddler..where was I when all this happened.

Since you were born, there hasn’t been a single day when I have not been around. The day when you slept with your granny and not with me, kept me wide awake. It’s the same feeling, mixture of fear and happiness, which I experience daily when I have to leave for office. The day you cry to see me go, keeps me restless for quite some time ( office tensions take over then) and the day when you smile and wave me buy, leaves me with some emptiness and I feel my baby has grown up already. I know this has to happen someday, but so soon..

When I look at photographs, now itself I find it difficult to recollect, did you look like this? The small and gradual changes in you have simply gone unnoticed. Or as they say, only if you see someone after a gap, then you can make out the difference.

After a tiring day at office when I come home, and you welcome with huge smile, loads of hugs and kisses, who then remembers how good or bad the day was. I wish time just stops there. The moment I leave from office I pray that you should be awake, you should be at home. And the days when it happens otherwise, I feel some major activity of my life is missing.

While all these are the good parts, my lack of patience and irritation which I end up passing on to you, is equally true. I know I am wrong on all those occasions. Sometimes I apologise and many a times I don’t. Have already started taking you granted, isn’t it? Or when you are around and I am busy with any of the gadgets, I feel I am not being fair. And I know I will only take some action when you start complaining. Again, am taking you for granted.

My sweety, will you forgive me all these? First time experience as mother na, so even I am learning in this process.

Love you sweetheart.

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