Off FB… Again

I don’t recollect when FB started, but till 2010 I used to access it.. Neither rarely.. Nor frequently. Then suddenly I gave up FB.. And the reason was my spouse.. He was not on FB.. N so but obvious not added in my friend list. So I couldn’t tag him in any of the snaps.. Couldn’t show off PDA.. Via comments / posts.. This used to frustrate me.. As I could all this happening with others.. But not with me.. So I went dormant.. Instead of suffering with the feeling of incompleteness..better I don’t see what’s happening around. Doesn’t seem to be a good solution.. But I did that.. And later on forgot about it..

A few months back.. I again started accessing FB.. So that I could get updates about my friends and relatives.. The most common medium to share photographs and whereabouts.. While the reason for quitting was still fresh in my mind.. I still tried to keep a control on my emotions.. N went ahead.. I was successful sometimes and at other times.. Would get overwhelmed by the same feeling of incompleteness… Soon I got addicted to FB.. Every now and then I used to be on FB.. Waiting for updates from anyone.. Used to browse photos of friends.. Their friends.. Known .. Unknown.. Didn’t matter.. Anxiety had taken over me…

Then on huffing post I read a blog by someone who had recently quit social media.. Not only the article and the experience of blogger was interesting.. Equally interesting were comments of other readers..

First of all I felt better.. That I am not the only one who feels dejected after seeing FB.. Different people for different reasons.. Feel upset.. Overwhelmed.. Depressed .. After seeing updates of others.. Call it weakness of personality or whatever.. This relative misery affects many.. Very few people I have seen.. One of them being my spouse.. Who are indifferent to whatever they see.. Read.. On FB..

From the comments I could see many have also quit social media and some are inspired after reading the blog.. And I belong to the later category.. While I was planning to have this as one of my resolutions for this year.. But dint take it seriously.. This blog just hit the nail. And add to it.. Another inspirational blog.. Which simply mentioned.. You can make resolutions on any of the 365 days .. All days are as special as 1st jan..

The difference between quitting FB in 2010.. N now in 2014 is that.. I have grown mature enough to understand.. Why I should quit.. Addiction of any kind is bad.. N if this addiction is bringing anxiety instead of happiness.. Making close people.. Miles away (my next door neighbor saw my kid on FB first and in person a few months later !!).. Puts you in the selfie mode… Why to continue on that path??

Not tagging my spouse in photos.. Not having him in my friends list.. No exchange of comments and posts.. Is this going to reduce my love and affection for him.. Absolutely NO.. Having him besides me.. In person.. Having the previldege of seeing him every day and night.. Is it any less.. Isn’t it a blessing in itself..

So that’s it.. Here I go off FB again.. May be will see you some seasons later.. When I am even more mature 🙂

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