Do you need a special day to express your love..

With Valentine Day, just round the corner, everywhere one can find everything about love.. Like love is in the air.. everywhere.. do you need a this special day to express your love.. or every day is just as special as other… and hence no need to wait for this special day.

My partner.. doesn’t believe in the concept of special days at all.. so with him its like.. Valentines Day.. so what?? your birthday.. so what?? I don’t need an occasion to express my feelings.. nor an occasion to get you a gift.. it can be on any of the 365 days.. and love of course is all 365 days (What about the extra one day in the leap year?? ) Of course that truly makes sense.. but then like an average person.. I have expectations attached with the special days.. and needless to say.. have experienced disappointment at times.. I have no complains.. I am happy the way he is.. the way he thinks.. our views differ.. that’s it.. I feel in this busy world.. when we all are so engrossed in our daily lives and work.. these special days give us an opportunity to pause.. enjoy a few moments.. and then again get back to routine..

I was surprised to find out.. now its no longer a Valentines “day”, but a whole week !! Each day having some different theme.. like rose day, propose day, chocolate day, etc. People thoroughly enjoy.. I like to see the enthusiasm of lovers..

Today is PROMISE DAY. Like always.. I asked my partner.. what promise will he give me? (A point to note here is that I realized I always ask or want something from him.. rarely on the giving side.. Need to correct this behavior). Knowing him I expected he’ll give me some funny.. witty reply.. pull my legs.. but to my surprise.. he said.. I promise that I will love you my entire life.. aur uske baad bhi (means.. also after).. That just made my day.. feeling so blessed.. Even if you wouldn’t have said this dear.. I still feel I am lucky to have you in my life.. Just that your expressing it.. makes me feel.. .mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I cant thank God enough for giving me such a great life partner.. and my buddy.. I cant thank you enough for being there with me .. always.. I know I get irrational at times.. would have hurt you every now and then.. and still you have never complained.. If I know what is love.. its all because of love..

Love you.. more than yesterday.. and less than tomorrow.

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