GPS for the Soul.. Is an amazing section in the huffington post.. I accidentally came across it and now am a regular reader. It reminded me of the book.. Chicken soup for the soul.. Nice and sweet inspirational and motivational stories.. That will surely bring a smile to your face.. Make you feel relaxed and stress free.. And leave you with positive energy.. As mentioned in the book, such stories / anecdotes are not to be read.. But to be felt..

Each of the post I read.. I feel connected to it.. As if everything is written for me.. There is somebody somewhere.. Who understands your situation.. Your state of mind.. And writes for you inspirational messages.. For me.. They all are different forms of god.. God is always there.. Listening to your said and unsaid thoughts.. Wishes.. Prayers.. And is just waiting for the best occasion to say.. AMEN !!

I experienced this again recently.. A few days ago, I was having terrible back pain while I was giving massage to my little one.. Just before her bath time.. And a thought crossed my mind.. Wish I could call the lady who used to come to give bath to my kid for initial 3-4 months.. But the lady is busy, and need to inform her at least a day before.. If we want her to come.. So that she can plan her day.. I don’t like to skip my baby’s bath and hence sat for a while.. To ease my back.. Just then the door bell rang.. I was expecting a courier.. When I opened the door.. what do I see.. The lady !! I couldn’t believe.. She had come casually.. Just to say hello… I simply couldn’t stop thanking god.. For granting my wish..

Even now when I think of that day.. I feel so happy.. And it’s rightly said.. Whatever you want.. You really really want.. You get it.. So be careful in what you ask for.

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