Text or talk

Was reading an article in newspaper today about the GenX using SMS as a means to maintain relationships. The article was focused on why SMS should not be the means.

One of the reasons mentioned was that when you text somebody, you cannot see the reactions, the body language of that person. And therefore if somebody is happy reading your message or is deeply hurt, you will never know. This hampers the skill of a person to understand non-verbal communication.. the art of observation and understanding the language of silence gets deteriorated.

That was a food for thought for me.. as I deeply believe in writing.. and am more comfortable in writing for that very fact that the expressions and body language is hidden.. this helps me to be calm and composed.. especially when if I have to confront somebody or put across a point.. or even yell.. I do it through writing.. what concerns me is the art of observation.. am I losing it? Or am I over-observing ??

I am shy when it comes to speaking.. even to my partner.. so I end up texting him quite frequently.. even when I have to tell him.. how much I love him.. how much I miss when he is not around.. this has become a habit.. so whenever I am angry or upset.. he asks me first.. whats the matter and then when I don’t speak.. he teases.. will you write and tell me

Writing I feel gives you the time to think.. and thus prevent impulsive reactions.. which are quite dangerous at times.. my writing does get diplomatic at times.. or I try to be rational, think from an objective perspective and then express.. does this mean.. I don’t express myself “as-is”.. may be yes and may be no..

This reminds me of one nice example my partner had told me once – There are two smokers.. one asks the priest.. can I smoke while praying.. and the other.. can I pray while smoking.. Same thing expressed so differently..

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