If children are cruel, grown-ups are worse !!

I was kind of relieved when I confessed about the cruelty which I happened to do, while I was in school. And the relief was also because I thought I haven’t repeated my act of cruelty again. But I was woken up to reality.. Thanks to FB again..

After finishing my college, I immediately started working. I was the youngest amongst my colleagues and still under the fun and casual attitude of my college days. A new member joined our team and she was one of the most innocent females I have ever met. Grown up with lots of care and in a protected environment, she was ever exposed to public at large.. Or should I say, never exposed to people like me !!

What then.. We started teasing her, making fun of her and bullying her.. She used to tell us to stop, but that just had an opposite effect. Somewhere I guess, we crossed our limits, and that made her go in her shell.. The cheerful and innocent talkative girl.. Became a silent.. Stopped talking to us.. Stopped accompanying us for tea breaks and all..

Being grown-ups, we all should have been sensible enough not to hurt anybody’s feelings and not to cross our limits.. But no.. We went in the flow.. And surprisingly, we all used to gossip behind her back that she has started behaving strangely !!!

A few weeks later, she quit the job.. Now is married, has a kid.. is happy.. And connected to me on FB.. She had messages me asking about my whereabouts and all.. Just a causal chat with her.. While I was chatting with her, I got a notification that someone had liked my blog on children being cruel.. And that made me think.. Does it stop really stop after growing up ???

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