Do you smile.. at yourself too?

I love the Sunday editions of newspapers.. it has many nice articles to read and often gives me a good food for thought for the rest of the week.. So its like I read something on Sundays and my mind starts working.. goes into introspection mode.. and that’s when i realize.. what have i been doing..

Today i read an article on.. how ways to look beautiful.. Like looks, the title of an article (or book) can be deceptive too.. the article was not on fashion tips and cosmetics.. but rather focused on behavior and attitude.. One of the “tips” mentioned in the article was.. SMILE AT YOURSELF WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR

Sounds so simple.. but do we really do it.. and if yes.. how often?? Most of times when we look at ourselves in the mirror.. the focus in on the physical body.. Am i looking good.. am i looking fat.. am i looking old.. am i looking dark etc.. how does one feel from within apparently is not reflected by the mirror.. The mirror focus only the outer self.. The secret to look beautiful is that.. you should feel you are beautiful.. you need to love yourself.. if you yourself cant do that, why do you expect others to love you??

This concept I have seen very well portrayed in one of the bollywood movies.. Jab we met.. In the first half.. the female protogonist.. is always happy with herself.. in fact says.. Main apni favorite hoon.. (Means I am my favorite).. and so is happy overall in the life.. While in the second half.. due to some reasons.. she starts thinking.. she had been a fool all this while.. and goes back into her shell.. and so does her life..

While I know, that was a movie.. this was the underlying message for me.. In fact.. the movie has many more such underlying messages.. But for now.. so its like this.. what you feel from within.. is what will get reflected outside.. the choice is yours..  

Next time.. when you look at yourself in a mirror.. spare a moment to appreciate yourself too.. take a deep breath.. give a broad smile.. notice the twinkle in your eyes and see…  it works like magic..

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