Poetic Corner

What is it that you want in (from??) life !!

The enlightened one
Gets going with his talk
Matter of minutes
Talk turns into conversation
Thoughts get discussed
Setting the stage for introspection

Between birth and death is life
Ordinary or adventurous
Long or short
Contented or internal strife
Different shades, varied experiences
One can see either some or all
In the journey called life

What you are
Influences how you think
What you think
Determines how you perform
What you perform
Affects what you are
Now it’s up to you,
How you want it to transform

External factors do impact
A lot more depends on how you react
Shaping the future or
Living the present
With bitterness of past
Or accepting the situation
Analysing the options
Doing your best
Having faith in the unknown
For taking care of the rest

Be it abstract or material
Be it worldly or spiritual
The ultimate goal for all is same
Getting peace, content,
Satisfaction and happiness
In the life’s game

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