Identity crisis, ahem, once again

My little one, a kindergarten student, has a lot of time at her disposal (IMO). And sometimes there is a conflict between 'productively' spending time and just 'passing' the time Needless to state these are my views about the 'to-be' state vs. 'as-is' state. (The invisible consultant hat !!) Now one of our (okay mine)… Continue reading Identity crisis, ahem, once again

Poetic Corner

My dear grey cells

Busy connecting the dots Deeply occupied in thoughts Always working, always awake My dear grey cells, Why don’t you take a break? Oblivious of surrounding You engage yourself In animated discussion Or a soulful talk My dear grey cells, Why don’t stop, and Take a nice and refreshing walk? Oops, Why the hell, did I… Continue reading My dear grey cells

Poetic Corner

What is it that you want in (from??) life !!

The enlightened one Gets going with his talk Matter of minutes Talk turns into conversation Thoughts get discussed Setting the stage for introspection Between birth and death is life Ordinary or adventurous Long or short Contented or internal strife Different shades, varied experiences One can see either some or all In the journey called life… Continue reading What is it that you want in (from??) life !!