What makes me so organised??

"Shilpa, what makes you so organised?" asked Jyoti, my friend. Our kids study in same class. I had shared with the school group,  a Google sheet with list of all worksheets and assignments which our (I mean our kids') school has been sharing as part of offline or home learning.  Thats when this question was… Continue reading What makes me so organised??

Book Reviews

Be a catalyst

As a kid, I was always interested in astronomy but science, in particular physics never interested me. Other branches of science i.e. chemistry and biology, weren't appealing either. I remember studying (or should I reading) catalyst in chemistry. Something to do with making the chemical reaction quicker. Many years later, I came across an article… Continue reading Be a catalyst

Poetic Corner

What is it that you want in (from??) life !!

The enlightened one Gets going with his talk Matter of minutes Talk turns into conversation Thoughts get discussed Setting the stage for introspection Between birth and death is life Ordinary or adventurous Long or short Contented or internal strife Different shades, varied experiences One can see either some or all In the journey called life… Continue reading What is it that you want in (from??) life !!