Book Reviews

Would it be more than 5?

The count here indicates the number of people I would meet in the heaven (I could be a good contender for hell as well, perhaps šŸ˜‰ )

Easy to guess, the book in reference here is Mitch Albom’s The five people you meet in Heaven.

The systematically woven fabric of experiences and feelings, from loved ones and complete strangers and in fact someone you haven’t even met during your lifetime, does create an impact.

While I would have discussed and also imagined, how life would be after death and what heaven and hell would be made up of, Mitch Albom’sĀ visualisation has been quite different and interesting too.

Before coolly settling down in heaven, the story of your own life unfolds before you revealing some forgotten and some fondly rememberedĀ incidents and a deep lesson underneath these. It was 5 people and 5 lessons for Eddie, will I have more? Would the situation be different, if it was hell instead of heaven, I wonder?

So what are the 5 lessons? Umm, I would say pick up the book and get a feel ofĀ it.

A nice little book, though Tuesdays with Morrie still remains my favourite.




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