The SCAR that hurts..

The dictionary meaning of scar –  mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed.

It explains the physical scar which probably can be found of almost everyone’s body. These scars can be accidental or intentional. Voldomort marked the one and a half year toddler with a bolt shaped scar so that he could trace down the boy later (Harry Potter series). Devdas hit Paro on her head so that a scar develops to remind her that her beautiful face has an ugly scar (from the movie Devdas, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali version). Surprisingly, I am unable to recollect any example which shows “good” scars. As the Surf Excel detergent commercial goes.. Daag ache hai (Stains are good).

Some scars of physical nature, though are not visible to naked eyes (as they are within the body tissue), some kind of medical equipment can surely help to see those (I hope so). The other invisible scars like those on the minds and souls are difficult to locate (realise) and all the more difficult to erase. No cosmetic surgeries and creams can help to wipe out those scars. Why do we have such scars in first place??

I don’t have an answer for this. May be it has got to do something with the human nature and personalities of people. For instance, we all know tongue is dangerous than a sword. In spite of knowing this, we may have hurt people around us by using painful words. At least, I have. Even while hurting the realisation is there, still I end up doing that. Even though not frequent, still the times when I yell at my kid, or taunt my husband or remove my frustration on mom and dad, everything leaves a mark behind. And who knows, some of them would have so bad, as to leave a mark behind!! Surely, it is not desirable situation for a kid, since these marks will form impression of the world outside and how people are. Also for grown-ups, who think they are matured enough not to keep any grudges in mind, the mark remains. Again, maybe that is the case with me.

In this context, unfortunately I have a good memory. I remember, what someone had told me years back and  how it affected me. The positive change in me is that, I have become neutral towards it (which I realised only yesterday, when I was lost into one scar of mine). I remember. Fine. But I don’t react / get upset/ or re-experience the pain now. It just comes and goes, without much notice. It exists, because the mark is still there. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t pain.

Well I can correlate this to Harry Potter theme. All the years, when Voldemort was alive, Harry’s scar gave him terrible pain. When Voldemort was no more, the scar was just a mark. No pain, no sensation, but a memoir of the struggle and fight that happened. These emotional scars are so much like Voldemort. To wipe it out is a huge and difficult task, and often requires courage and determination to be free from it. Though done by a child (near child), killing Voldemort was not a child’s play.  People referred to Voldermort as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, while in case of emotional scars, it is difficult to identify and if identified, may not be accepted. There is fear, there is hatred and feeling of avoidance associated with both – Voldemort and Invisible Scars.

I often feel that reminisce of unfavourable incident of past is way different from the invisible scar. It is extremely important to vent out the poison and ill-feelings associated with scar, for our own good. With grudges in mind, with anger in mind, you can never be at peace. While, this blog was an attempt to cleanse my mind, somewhere I know, unless I don’t say those hurtful things to someone, the scar will keep on reminding me.

So does the scar hurt.. not unless, you want it to !! Be brave and bold like Harry Potter to wipe out the pain called Voldemort.

Not all scars are visible,

Nor all scars pain,

They are like memoirs

Of the experience you gain

Sometimes on the body,

Sometimes in the mind

Yelling and telling you,

“Leave the things behind”

Read your scars, and read between the lines

Push away the clouds of past,

And see sun out there still shines!!


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