Phir teri kahani yaad aayi

[Title – Once again I remembered your story]

Finally, after putting an end to my procrastination, here I am making a note of one of the most memorable days of my life – The time spent with my friends on #WorliSeaFace. I had been there last week (a couple of years later from my last visit). Worli Sea Face is one of the must visit places in #Mumbai and also a favourite hangout place for couples, friends, walkers-joggers (and now yoga enthusiasts) and everyone who wish to enjoy the view of endless Arabian Sea (interrupted by the Sea link now).

We have seen almost all the shades of the Arabian Sea at WSF- Calm and breezy; splashy and stormy; moving through morning, noon and night; in the hot summers, not-so-chilly winters, and heavy monsoon, in our lows and highs. It always had the warmth and a soothing manner of saying “Welcome back” 🙂

Whats so special about Worli Sea Face? Adorers of this place will agree with me, if I say, it is the Keeper of the Secrets; Anti-depressant; Agony Aunt; and a place with heart and hands as large as a Sea.. perhaps.. Arabian Sea!! Listen to the sound of the waves, look at the sea and you can

  • Hear the fun which college students are having, when they miss their lectures just to be at this place
  • See the smiles and giggles of teenage or recently-fallen-in-love couples
  • Feel the rebel of young blood, who have come here to experience the blast from the sea in the times when the place is on high alert
  • Understand the silence of matured lovers, who are looking at the sea and weaving plans for their future, yes in complete silence
  • Listen to parents who are explaining their young ones, the philosophies of life, and how sun sets and rises
  • Ponder over the economic inequality, which is so clearly visible when some people are selling peanuts to earn their living, while some are wasting a hell lot of petrol in their high-end luxury cars by running on the top-most speed with loud music on
  • Get nostalgic with the old-aged couples, who are re-living their memories looking at the younger crowd around (yet to reach this stage)

The Worli Sea “Faces” this all, day and night, 24×7.

This time when I went there, I had reminisce of my good old days. While I had my little one with me, and it was the time for me to create new memories for the Sea to store, I was lost in my own world. I could see my besties and me, sitting on the bench and talking about our crushes, our love, our  heart-breaks, how our-parents-dont-understand-us, recite dialogues from movies, or at times just sit and watch the Sea. I could feel the enjoyment with my buddies on a hot June afternoon, when my exams were just over. I smiled remembering the time when my friend had picked up her shoes to hit an scorpion sitting on a young man’s shoulder and too much of our shock when he said “Palela hai” (means its a pet). That scene of my friend with a shoe in her hand and the attitude on the face of young man is so damn clear in our minds, even now.

Being at Worli Sea Face, without my friends, seemed very strange and incomplete to me. My thoughts were brought to an end, by the sweet laughter of my baby. She was having fun there, running around and insisting that she wanted to go further down. I dint realise, when the care-free person me, turned into the protective mom and was trying to convince her not to anything, which I would have done so many times, on my trip to Worli Sea Face.

Miss you buddies and WSF.

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