Mother’s Day special

How could I miss this opportunity to write today.. It’s my first Mother’s Day.. As a mother..

Not sure if I have been a difficult child, but as far as I know, I always have been a short tempered person and my mom should have suffered the most because of it. I guess I found it easier to vent my anger, my frustration, my irritation on her.. God knows how many times I would have hurt her by my rude words.. But a mother’s heart is always forgiving.. And that’s makes a mother more special.

My mom (and I guess most of the moms) has always given her wishes and her desires as the least priority.. Home.. Family.. Kids.. That’s what her world was.. Rather still is.. With new addition.. Her grandchildren.

Even at this age, she always has the energy and the will.. To do something or the other for us.. My pregnancy and also post delivery phase was like a cake walk… All because of her.. I look at her and wonder, will I even match 1% of what she is.. What she does.. And how she thinks..

I rarely tell her, how much deeply I care for her and love her.. I often scold her for not taking care of her health or forgoing her wishes.. And only that has been my indirect way of expressing my feelings.. Will I ever tell her all this.. I don’t know., I don’t know why I am so shy to express my feelings.. Will surely try though..

Till then… Aai (that’s what I call her) .. I love you.. And you are the best.. Am sorry for all the pain that I have given till date and really thankful to god for giving me such a sweet, innocent and caring mother.

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