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I am fine, I mean it

I recollect reading a message describing best friends –

Someone who asks you – How are you and when you reply  – I am fine, (getting the pulse) they then say – Ok, tell me what is it? Yeah, that’s how friends are, isn’t it. Understanding without saying much.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman, was one of my random picks. The word “Oliphant” attracted me (actually took time to realise, it O and not E) and “Is Fine” reminded me of the message above.

It turned out to be a great pick!

I have been blessed to have a completely normal life and am surrounded by people who care for me (and for whom I care) and have everything what’s necessary for a perfectly happy life (though it doesn’t mean I don’t get upset or feel low sometimes). I dread even to imagine how life would have been otherwise.

And that’s what Miss Eleanor Oliphant has gone through all her life since childhood. Though I haven’t suffered, nor want any one to, I really empathize with the feeling of being lonely, yearning for love and affection and being ignored.

She decides to fix your life, again all alone and under some illusion. When the bubble breaks, it hurts even more.

As they say, you cannot choose your family, but friends you can. They understand you, don’t judge you and are there for you no matter what. The journey to get back on track, with support and affection from your friends then seems achievable.

That’s in nutshell Miss Eleanor Oliphant’s journey. Why I am referring her full name, because that’s how she likes it.

The characters, the emotions and the journey, is very well articulated. Its funny and its serious, its pure and its blunt. The deepest, dark, unpleasant and painful emotions are so simply and plainly, still it gives that right impact. As Miss Eleanor Oliphant, was particular about language and obsessed with cryptic crosswords, I had to refer to dictionary to understand some words.

Overall a good read. If you are feeling low, surely it can motivate to stand up again. It will make you smile and feel good when things end well.

Definitely, a recommended read!


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