Falling into a routine, rather rising


In recommended reads on Medium, an article on how to jumpstart mornings showed up and more for curiosity than for intent to follow, I started reading. Before even reaching the how or rather what does the author do, my grey cells are activated.

#Memory Recall 1

Some weeks ago, on a pleasant Sunday morning I was having my usual #MeTime with a cup of tea and newspaper, yeah the actual, physical paper. And there was an article on having a daily routine.

#Memory Recall 2

A day or two before, I met one of my mentors after a long time. While talking what we have been upto, I mentioned about a new routine I am trying to build and that’s finding (and tweeting) positive thought for the day, before I begin my work for the day.

#Memory Recall 3

Morning routine of my Zumba instructor actually she’s more a dear friend. An early riser that she is follows a systematic routine – tea, almonds, papaya and oats, appropriately timed and consumed before the class. Though unable to recollect is Sudoku in the checklist or that’s for other days

#Memory Recall 4

Received a message from my friend as she was hustling between her morning tasks.She said her name perhaps should be changed to mismanaged !!

#Memory Recall 5

Long ago, many years infact, while chatting with another mentor of mine, he mentioned that one of his friends had only white shirts and black trousers in his wardrobe. That saved him from unproductive spending of time in the morning of what to wear. (If too had adopted that practice. Well my wardrobe does have many colours but bathing time goes in thinking!)

#Memory Recall 6

My friend had started a practice of reflecting and writing the three good things that happened during the day, just before retiring for the day or the next day morning. Me too had started a routine of asking myself some 5 questions or was it 3? It was ages ago. Both of us stopped this before it became a habit.

Knowing me, I could have gone with numerous recalls but then I broke the thought chain and resumed reading


Finished reading but thinking continues.

All these memory recalls are not random.

Even though I picked up the article without any purpose, still I believe in the importance of having a routine and a simplified life and freeing myself from unnecessary decisions. I have consciously taking steps in that direction, trying to get inspiration from people around me, in real world or virtually as well (no wonder this article came to me as a recommended to me based of previous reads).

Having a routine is good, and as they say we should repeat till the time it becomes habit. Once it is a habit, it happens .. unconsciously .. effortlessly maybe. Just like brushing teeth in the morning (do read the article where the author how to challenge this habit).

At the same it is also ok to have the cheat days (Just ensure cheat days don’t become a habit.)




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