Poetic Corner

Remembering all my teachers

Parents, Siblings, Others in family
Are the first ones from whom we learn
From basic skills to way of living
Behavioural style and personal traits
Love, care, affection
Respect, disciple and dedication
We are observing, we are absorbing
Our life is greatly influenced
By what we learn from our upbringing

Next is defined stage of learning
Teachers in physical and now virtual form
Take the prime position in our world
From Holding a pencil to drawing pictures
From reading letters to writing words
How to express
How to imagine
Fear not to explore
Forget not to think
They teach us all
Like a raw clay, the student is
Handed over to Teacher to mould
Their efforts and their perseverance
Turns the ordinary us into gold

Designated years are gone
But the learning need is still on
For ever student, there is teacher
Now the student needs to find
Who and what can be the guide

All this while,
There are some with you
Though not teachers, still teaching
Without any hesitation, preaching
Perhaps with you, trying to learn practicing
Species called as friends
Teaching us values
Showing us life
From a different lens

Everyone teaches,
Everything teaches
Behind and besides
Every student
There’s a teacher
Salute to this blessing
For what we are today
We owe it to them
A fond rememberance
And soulful gratitude
On this Teachers Day

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