Poetic Corner

The 5 senses !!

Bestowed on humans
The gift of 5 senses
Means to perceive
Often draw inferences
The marvels of the senses
Never fails to astound
Wonder how we’d have lived without
Taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound

The eyes see what they want to see
Ears often hear what they should not
Not for the body, food is for tongue
More than air, pollution goes in the lung
Skin gets generously topped by artificial layers

Those who have all
May not acknowledge its worth
When the same are defunct
Realize how difficult it gets
To survive on this earth

Senses feed the data
Of the outside world
Senses also send the signals
Connects you to the outside world

All said and done,
These are just some of the views of many
Get the 6th one working
Why only five, you may enjoy twenty.

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