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Extraordinarily Ordinary

Sudha Murthy happens to be one of my favourites and I eagerly await to read more of her writings. I guess I would have read everything that has been published till now. The simplicity of her writing or more should I say, of her thoughts appeals to me.

Three Thousand stitches, a collection of extraordinary tales of people’s lives.

As usual, this book of hers is thought-provoking and inspirational. For the past couple of years, I also have been thinking (and still thinking) what is it that I can do for the society and for the people. While I am unable to find a start, from the experiences jotted down I just to take that leap of faith and I will find my way.

This book has about 10 odd stories of the paths people have tread and reached where they are today. Achievement, of course, always doesn’t mean material wealth but contentment and inner peace as well.

While all the stories are good, the one which is still lingering in my mind – What is it that I can give up? Many answers, but not yet pursued.

Three Thousand Stitches is a definite MUST READ for all those who like simplicity and search for extraordinary in the ordinary.

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