Poetic Corner

Mind it !!

The educated Human Mind
Sees it as
Coincidence or Luck
Chance being
One or Duck
Finally comes at wit’s end
Just to realise
It’s as real as breath
As alive as Soul

But ..
It wasn’t by chance
Entire universe conspired
All powers came together
To give you a better stance

You got what you thought!!

Call it connected minds
Or fragments of one
Some experience the magic
Some pass it off as none
A dense and entangled network
Operating seamlessly
Giving the educated human mind
A great big jerk

As you climb the
Higher layers of abstractions
The picture gets clearer
For now you have experienced
The creator’s manifestation

The educated human mind
Needs a good debrief
Only then the heart
Will sigh with relief

Be mindful about the mind
What it thinks
And what it asks
For what you really thought
You indeed got!!

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