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In the name of religion..

I am feeling nothing but pleased to have read this book.

I was hooked on to Rajat Mitra’s The Infidel Next Door. Set in the backdrop of religion and man-made controversies makes you feel wasn’t religion supposed to bring peace and harmony than violence and chaos. The book mirrors the atrocities of the real life. It was heart touching as well as an eye-opener.

Within a few pages, I became the part of the story. I could feel my heart silently weeping when I saw a young girl sacrificing her love (and killing her soul) and two young lads undergo emotional and physical torture, just for the sake of false ideas masked under the name of religion. It’s terrible.

I believe in God but am not strictly a religious person. May be that’s why I fail to understand the reason (or passion as it may be looked at) behind religion being used as the motive to create the differences.

The author Rajat Mitra has beautifully articulated the emotions and harsh reality of life.. of being a human. I must say it was a truly engaging story line. I doubt if my vocabulary is wide enough to describe my journey of going through the saga.

Since I like happy endings, I wish this one had too..

Great work and I would rate this one as a MUST read.

A few more words.. in the name of God..


Many questions, Many answers
Some marked resolved
And still some linger around.
Some I drop, Some come back
God, is that your way of showing
The determination I lack?

Today my question is to you, Oh Lord
You created the Man,
A fine species and a super brain
Of that came religion,
Of that came faith,
But looking at the chaos,
Does that make you feel
All efforts down the drain?

Religion was to unite,
Culture was to bind
Look around everywhere
Its only otherwise
That you find.

Its you who the men seek
Yet its you makes them weak
In your name, they fight
So convinced of being right.

Does that irritate
Or does that agitate
When you see your own creation
Is no longer made of love,
But burns with desire of hate?

I can feel your pain
I can sense your despair
When you yell and when you tell
Its neither the rituals nor the quantum
But peace, belief in yourself and compassion
Is all that I care.

That’s my view
That’s my thought
Ain’t any inch closer
To the answer I sought

5 thoughts on “In the name of religion..

  1. Religion is being overpowered by greed, fear, a feeling of being victimized and a false sense of pride. The questions that come in your mind are very well articulated through the poem Shilpa! But over the past few years, these very questions have convinced me that God has not created man – nor has God created anything else. I am not completely an atheist, but now I pray only to the concept of goodness, strength, kindness which is really abstract and subjective. Coming back to your post, very well written!

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  3. A hugely relevant book today when the history of Kashmir has been has been so shamelessly distorted. The author is right when he points out that memory is our best tool against the distortions of history. I would say the book is not just recommended reading but compulsory reading given that Kashmir is one of the hottest potatoes in the world today. A place whose truth must be acknowledged before any solution can be found.

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