Poetic Corner

I see you…

Always together
though miles apart
Is a silly way
To fool the naive heart

Distance has put us
in different time zones
Making us unavailable
When the same heart
groans and moans

I questioned, I cried
When u left
World started collapsing
I slowly felt
All this while
Being calm and patient
Is what I have tried

I always felt the gap
I always felt your need
Sometimes upset
Sometimes yearning
Being far off from your friend
Is the biggest punishment
Was my only learning

I wanted you to be happy
I wanted you to relax
So I said I was ok
I said I was fine
Slowly steadily everything
Started slipping through the cracks

You are my strength
You are my power
Without you physical presence
Life is like a dead flower

“Miss you” is a feeble expression
So are all these words
Nothing can ever say
How much and what all
My naive heart chases

Technology helps
to be in touch
Yet it cannot let you touch
In the IT world out there
Everything is virtual
Far from being actual

But that’s not the end
When the bond is strong
Nothing goes wrong
Not out of mind,
but fonder becomes the heart
and the universe gets aligned

We can feel the love
We can see the smile
Still be together
through thick and thin
In our own style.


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