Lose to find

“So, what kind of profile are you looking for” I asked the stereotype question in one the recent interviews.

“Actually, I don’t know” was the reply.

Probing further I asked “Given that you are a CA, would you prefer a role in core accounting area or say application of accounting in IT systems?

“I really haven’t given a thought about it. I am open for any role” pat came the reply.

I was impressed by the simplicity and honesty. Then I decided to take the conversation in a manner that would have helped to gauge the candidate’s fitment for the role I was looking at and also the thinking pattern and attitude of the candidate.

Picture 014

Nothing fruitful came out from the discussion. I realised that the candidate was kind of clueless or “lost” if I can say. I think (and also have read about it many times), it is perfectly fine to be lost. In fact, when you are lost, you discover the new you, as they say.

Both at a personal and professional level, I have been through this stage many times and have found out my way eventually. My learning was, ultimately one will find the way but the discovery process can be sooner if you also take some steps. Also, instead of settling for what life offers you, sometimes you need to take charge and find your own way.


Let the process of discovery be also as delightful as the result itself.


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