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Why is there a situation of anarchy??

‘Terror strikes again in …’

‘Yet another scam gets unearthed…’

These are some of the ‘breaking’ news items which have now become so common that there is nothing more left to ‘break’. Indeed, a sad state of affairs. Of course, there are many positive developments around us as well, but terrorism and corruption have proliferated so deep that the cleansing task is going to be humongous. That’s one of the perspective coming out from the book.

I belong to that category of people who are not much interested in politics and so me stating my views on current political scenario is surprising even to myself. Much more surprising is the fact that I took up a political drama (if I can say) for reading.

Given the current situation in India, I wonder whether laying my hands on this book was a mere coincidence or is it a part of some master plan. God only knows.

When I was opened the ‘Game of Anarchy’ written by Kenneth Jones I was apprehensive of reading it till the end. Politics is the last genre which I would pick up for reading and I am glad that my apprehension was proved wrong by Kenneth Jones through his writing.


It’s a brilliantly drafted book on Indian political scenario. Right from setting up the stage (for anarchy), to creating the unrest (and anarchy) and finally putting an end (to anarchy) was well presented. I was impressed by the amount of research done by the author on the political environment of India – both past and present. Many new aspects I learnt about defense, international affairs between countries, under cover operations and all.

The plot and the characters are awesome. Connecting the dots is done quite neatly. I liked the manner in which suspense was created and subsequently unfolded. Language does get a bit coarse at some places and that’s something I really don’t prefer. Overall, its an engaging story line.

The book reminded me of Robin Hood, by the way. The intentions are noble, but means to achieve would differ based on perceptions. It’s a classic situation which cannot fall into clear black and white, but sits in the gray area.

Game of Anarchy – Definitely a recommended read from me.


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