Why I write only good reviews?

The other day someone asked me “Do you write only goody-goody stuff or are generous with negative comments as well?”

The question took me by a surprise !

I have been reading since my childhood days and blogging is something I started quite recently. Only a handful of reviews written so far and all of them are positive reviews.

I thought for a while and replied “If I don’t like the book, I don’t write any review” and a sarcastic remark I received in return “That’s such a diplomatic way of giving negative feedback”.

More than the remark, it was my own reply which made me think deeper.

Yes. I do not write negative reviews.

For me, it’s a matter of preference just like food or holiday destination. There are some writing styles which impress me and certain other which don’t. However that doesn’t mean the writing style itself is not good.

For instance, there are some books, or best-sellers to be more precise, which I could not read beyond a few pages. Does that make it a bad book? No way, isn’t it.

They say never judge a book by its cover and I religiously follow it. I give the book as well as myself reasonable time before calling it a quits.

Further, in professional career I have managed people and one learning is that positive feedback should be given in bigger forums. However, if you want the not-so-good feedback to be accepted constructively, then it’s better to have 1-0-1 discussion. I guess, this has also influenced my book review process.

With this ideology in mind, I will continue to write and recommend books that I like.

Happy reading and writing 🙂

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