Poetic Corner

Remembering all my teachers

Parents, Siblings, Others in familyAre the first ones from whom we learnFrom basic skills to way of livingBehavioural style and personal traitsLove, care, affectionRespect, disciple and dedicationWe are observing, we are absorbingOur life is greatly influencedBy what we learn from our upbringingNext is defined stage of learningTeachers in physical and now virtual formTake the prime… Continue reading Remembering all my teachers


Test your endurance

For those thinkĀ Zumba is only about fitness, let me tell you it's just not about that. You also get other lessons of life (including physics) as well . Of course, dependsĀ on the teacher. Ours is too good. Aren't you, Shalini? Fitness, no doubt, is the main goal for which we all in the Zumba class.… Continue reading Test your endurance