Poetic Corner

Sunday Morning Bliss

I opened the windows Drawed the curtains To get the feel of morning sun Gentle breeze and haze around Instead gave me a warm welcome Quickly I put on my shoes Dashed out of the door To feel the weather even more Chirping birds, Swaying trees Near empty roads This very moment I simply want… Continue reading Sunday Morning Bliss

Poetic Corner

The Winter Sun

Shivering hands Chattering teeth Chill in the air Snow and dew Lock the life beneath Frost around Empty playground Nature silently shifts its gear Autumn's gone And Winter is here Standing at the window Gazing the stillness around Some sun-rays travel through the fog and gently land on my palm Sunshine makes me happy Makes… Continue reading The Winter Sun



Just recollected that a few months ago I had thought of writing about the James Cameron movie AVATAR. Well this is not any movie review, rather trying to decipher the deep embedded meaning. (I have been accused by many that instead of looking at movies as source of entertainment, I analyse and try to look… Continue reading Avatar